Watterson and Skelly win seats again.

Laurence Skelly

Laurence Skelly

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Government ministers Juan Watterson and Laurence Skelly have been re-elected in Rushen.

Juan Watterson and Laurence Skelly were delighted to retain their seats in the Rushen constituency.

Juan Watterson

Juan Watterson

Poll topper Mr Watterson said: ‘I am absolutely overwhelmed to get such a big margin from the people of Rushen.

‘It’s a real mandate to take forward for the next five years. It will be the toughest five years the islle of man has faced for a long long time.’

Laurence Skelly said it had been very nervewracking waiting for the result.

‘It was a lot tighter than anybody would want,’ he said. ‘Obviously I’m delighted to be returned.’

Third placed Mark Kemp said he was pleased and said he gave the victors ‘a run for their money’.

Fourth placed James Hampton said ‘not bad for a bloke who did not knock on any doors’.

Arbory, which was in the old constituency of Rushen, has moved to the new constituency of Arbory, Castletown and Malew.

The three sitting candidates, who were all ministers in Tynwald, are standing again, although Phil Gawne has moved to Arbory, Castletown and Malew.

Leo Cussons 331

Mark Kemp 1,104

James Hampton 1,033

Laurence Skelly 1,112

Juan Watterson 2,087

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