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A beginners’ class in Manx Gaelic will start in Ramsey later this month.

It starts on Tuesday, September 16, at 7.30pm at the Mitre Hotel in the Captain’s Bar, a smaller private room away from the main bar.

Paul Salmon, who leads the class, said: ‘People really enjoy learning a bit of Manx for a wide variety of reasons.

‘There are a lot of younger parents who are keen to give their kids a really good start by speaking Manx to them right from the cradle. There are some smashing resources for the very young around now, too.

‘These days we teach beginners to listen and speak everyday Manx and we only look at old-fashioned grammar with those who want it.

‘Classes tend to be quite light-hearted. But a little bit of dedication is needed to really get your teeth into it. People surprise themselves. I’ve had learners that got nowhere at school but have learned plenty of Manx and use it regularly with their friends and families.

‘Many just learn enough to get by and have a bit of fun but a few people from the classes have gone on to gain their TCG (Manx GCSE).’

Improvers’ classes and conversation groups are also taking place in various locations in the north.

Details of Manx classes and activities in the north can be found on the website

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