Best use of staff by shared teaching

Castle Rushen High School head teacher Andrew Cole

Castle Rushen High School head teacher Andrew Cole

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Secondary schools in the Isle of Man are looking to make best use of resources and staff by providing more joint sixth form programmes across more than one school.

Castle Rushen High School head teacher Andrew Cole was speaking as secondary schools look to share more resources and staff from September.

He explained: ‘Some A level students wish to include particular combinations of subjects and we believe it is sensible to support a wider range of options so that more students can study exactly what they need to support their action plans. Reasons for the choice of particular subjects for collaboration include teacher specialism at certain schools, numbers requesting certain subjects and other resources available.

‘The easiest way to provide a workable solution that overcomes potential issues, such as lesson times and travelling distances, has been to plan half-day timetable blocks for these subjects. There is also the potential to use video linking software for some programmes.’

For some years, Ballakermeen and St Ninian’s high schools and Isle of Man College have run programmes with shared resources and staff, such as life drawing.

This year the two schools started teaching some minority subjects collaboratively. Ballakermeen students can study food technology, drama (A Level) and textiles at SNHS, while SNHS students can study performing arts (BTEC) and photography at BHS.

Mr Cole said: ‘St Ninian’s will be looking closely at their school timetable to see if it can be brought more into line with Ballakermeen to allow further collaboration in the future.’

CRHS and Queen Elizabeth II High School have run a joint level three performing arts programme since 2012.

They are now well advanced in planning to share staff and resources for additional programmes, including in addition some with Ramsey Grammar School, he said. Possible subjects include computing and French.

It is likely schools would provide transport between sites at lunchtime. Mr Cole said staff were supportive.

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