Dorian is the island’s star pupil

Dorian Amaral

Dorian Amaral

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Star student Dorian Amaral is celebrating after securing an amazing six A*s at A-level.

The Ramsey Grammar School student will be heading off to Durham University in October to do a Masters in theoretical physics.

While Dorian was the top-performing student in the island, the Department of Education and Children said that a number of students had achieved four A*s and A passes and ‘a significant number had been awarded at least three passes at grade A and above.

The 18-year-old of Lezayre, said: ‘I really didn’t expect it to be honest.

‘I wanted A*s in physics 
and further maths for 
my university course.

‘When I opened the 
paper the grades were facing me. When I lifted it up and saw I had six A*s I was taken aback quite a lot – I had to sit down!’

His A*s were in physics, chemistry, maths, further maths, music and general studies.

Dorian sat his maths exams two years earlier, getting an A, and resat one paper last year to improve his grade.

He admitted that in some of his exams this year he felt the pressure to do well get to him. ‘In the last exams I felt under a lot of pressure to do well. You know your future life will be decided by how well you have done.’

He said he was ‘really excited’ about going to Durham, saying that both the 
‘quaint’ city and tailored course taught by world-leading professors appealed 
to him.

Dorian, who is the reigning Young Musician of Mann, has known since he was 15 that 
he wanted to study physics at university.

‘It’s been quite a while,’ 
he said. ‘It’s something that has always appealed and something I’ve always wanted to find out more about.

‘It encapsulates 
everything around us 
and if we didn’t have the 
understanding we wouldn’t have half the things we have today.’

He added: ‘The topic is so broad it is amazing to study.’

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