Graduations for children aged five to fourteen

Children celebrate at St German's Cathedral following the 2013 ceremony

Children celebrate at St German's Cathedral following the 2013 ceremony

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A graduation ceremony with a difference takes place at St German’s Cathedral in Peel in May.

All those wearing gowns and mortarboards and proudly celebrating their achievements will be aged five to 14.

The children invited to attend are the second cohort to graduate from the Children’s University, which was launched in the island two years ago.

On Wednesday, May 7, they will celebrate clocking up hundreds of hours of Children’s University learning.

Children’s University rewards young people’s participation in activities that take place outside the school day. Children buy passports and gain stamps by visiting validated ‘public learning destinations’.

Certificates charting their progress are awarded at graduation ceremonies.

Children also gain stamps by attending their own schools’ lunchtime and after-school activities, provided their school is a Children’s University partner.

Membership of Children’s University gives passport-holders access to accredited learning destinations and events across the UK and beyond.

Carys Lloyd, manager of Children’s University in the island, said there were more than 600 passports in circulation since the university was launched locally and there are now more than 50 learning partners, offering, between them, hundreds of exciting destinations and activities.

Carys said: ‘I am really looking forward to seeing some of our 2013 graduates again, as they have clocked up even more hours’ learning, and I can’t wait to see some new faces graduating for the first time this year.

‘This year we have graduates who have clocked up more than 500 hours’ learning outside of the normal school day.’

Attending the graduation will be Ger Graus, the chief executive officer of the Children’s University Trust, local trustees Professor Ronald Barr and John Gill and Isle of Man Children’s University chancellor, Dr Jeremy Paul, a renowned artist.

Sponsors include Intelligence (Webtech), which set up and hosts the website, Scottish Widows, which sponsored the children’s caps and gowns and Shoprite, which has donated towards the cost of refreshments, and Fancie That, which is helping to decorate the hall for the reception that follows the formalities.

Carys said: ‘We are always on the look out for new learning destinations.’

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