‘I have never been this happy’

A Level results at Castle Rushen School Castletown.
Emma Rayner-Fell 18 from Port Erin.

A Level results at Castle Rushen School Castletown. Emma Rayner-Fell 18 from Port Erin.


This week’s Isle of Man Examiner includes all the passes from our state schools.

Reporter Jackie Turley joined Castle Rushen High School students when they got their results.

Cambridge University awaits Ellie Matthews after she got A*s in French, history and general studies and an A in maths.

Ellie, aged 18, of Port Erin, will be studying history.

She said: ‘It means a lot to me to go to Cambridge. I’ve always been quite academic and I always want to achieve my best.

‘I love history. To do it somewhere like Cambridge is incredible.’

Sarah Mercer, aged 18, of Port St Mary will be heading off to Durham University in October after getting two A*s, 3As and a B.

‘I was massively surprised,’ she said.

‘I was hoping for them but I wasn’t expecting them. I’m relieved and chuffed and very excited for uni now.’

Sarah, a student governor at CRHS, needed an A* and two As so she could do three years of geography followed by a one year law conversion.

‘Durham is beautiful. It’s small enough not to be intimidating but big enough to be a change.

‘I applied to Cambridge but I didn’t get in. I’m actually quite relieved I didn’t – I think I’ll have more fun at Durham.’

Bronte Wright, 18, of Port St Mary, said she was ‘ecstatic’ to be going to Durham to study history, after getting two A*s (history and English literature) and a B (psychology).

She admitted being ‘absolutely terrified’ of opening her results as well as jet lagged.

Emma Rayner-Fell’s dream of becoming a criminal profiler for the FBI moved one step closer after she got into her first choice university – Chester – to study criminal psychology.

Emma, aged 18, of Port Erin, got Ds in geography, history and psychology – under the B, C, C offer she had received.

‘I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped but I got my place so I’m very happy.

‘It shows it doesn’t all come down to the grades.’

Hollie Armstrong, aged 18, of Castletown, is following in her gran’s footsteps by pursuing a career in nursing.

Her two Cs and two Ds were enough to secure her place on the adult nursing course at Sheffield Hallam.

‘All my family have always said I’m really caring and my gran was a nurse,’ she said.

Head boy Brendan Coleman, aged 18, did better than he expected.

He got an A* and two As which was more than enough to secure his place studying economics and management at Loughborough University.

‘They’re good, I thought I had done normal,’ he said.

Jess Newby, aged 18, of Santon, got the A, B, B she needed to study marine biology at Newcastle University.

‘We live by the sea and I go diving so it seemed like a great thing to do,’ she said.

Jess was one of the students affected by Disney music being played at the Southern Swimming Pool during a biology exam.

‘It was awful. It put us all off. The music was on for 15 minutes but it put us all off our strides.’

Paul Bott, 18, of Ballasalla admitted the music was something he could have done without during the biology exam, but said it didn’t affect his results.

He is off to the University of East Anglia – his first choice university – to study natural sciences after getting an A* and two Bs.

‘I thought I had messed up maths quite badly.’

Josh Croston, aged 18, of Ballasalla, described his exams as ‘the most stressful thing I’ve ever done’.

He said he was ‘ecstatic’ to be going to University of the Arts London after getting two Cs, two Ds and an E.

‘I probably haven’t been this happy ever,’ he said.

Jake Hewins, aged 18, of Santon was ‘chuffed’ with his A and two Bs, which were enough to secure his place on the mechanical engineering course at Sheffield.

‘The exams were very stressful and very difficult so I wasn’t too enthusiastic about getting my results,’ he said.

‘My dad is an engineer. It’s a fantastic career to be in at the moment.’




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