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The government’s youth service is looking for more staff.

It offers a wide range of positive activities for young people aged eight to 21, seven days a week.

Indoor and outdoor sessions not only teach young people new sports, skills and crafts but offer them a place to meet, socialise and obtain support and guidance.

Ken Callister, principal youth officer, says a network of hard-working and skilled youth workers keep sessions running 38 weeks of the year but there’s a need to boost the number of supply staff assisting at weekends, so sessions can continue.

The Department of Education and Children is advertising vacancies for supply staff and is keen to talk to anyone who thinks they might fit the bill.

‘Friday nights and Saturdays are important nights for young people as they are generally free of school work and are looking to engage in activities, but those are also the times when adults have family and social commitments of their own and can’t spare the time to assist at our projects and sessions,’ Ken said.

‘It won’t be for everyone but we are looking for a particular type of dedicated individual who is willing to work with young people at times other people may find anti-social.

‘You don’t need any particular experience or qualifications – just an interest in spending quality time with young people.

‘We have a dedicated team of youth workers-in-charge who are the backbone to this service and they will support anyone thinking of offering their help.’

The youth service runs more than 100 sessions at week at 30 venues and interacts with 3,000 young people.

A recent survey of 11- to 18-year-olds, conducted by the Youth Service on behalf of the Children’s Services Partnership – which consists of the departments of Health and Social Care, Education and Children, Economic Development, the third sector and the police – showed seven in 10 take part in organised, adult-led activities at evenings and weekends.

Applicants for supply posts must be over 18 and will require a successful Police check prior to starting work.

To discuss becoming a supply youth worker, ring the Youth Service on 686057 and to apply for a post, visit here.

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