Media suite adds a new dimension to learning

Adib Jargirdar films Alvia Rose Limosner, left, and Ridzita Gricericilite

Adib Jargirdar films Alvia Rose Limosner, left, and Ridzita Gricericilite

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A media suite at Fairfield Junior School in Douglas has added a whole new dimension to learning.

Much of the equipment in the mini TV studio is on loan from the Department of Education and Children with the Friends of the school paying for other essentials, such as a green screen and lighting.

Children are already getting to grips with the skills involved with being both behind and in front of the cameras.

And head teacher Ian Walmsley described the equipment as enhancing learning.

As part of their project Spaced Out, all about Space, children have been writing scripts, being interviewed and producing podcasts.

‘Rather than filming in a classroom environment, the green screen means they can do the interview at NASA, in Space or from inside a Space rocket,’ Mr Walmsley said.

He said it was also character building, improving skills such as working together, and building confidence speaking in public.

‘We have quite a lot of children who may have difficulty with reading or writing, but just allow them to speak and those skills blossom.’

He said the aim was for the children to be at the forefront of the studio, so they become the experts: ‘You know what children are like.

What might make me take an hour to learn takes them 30 seconds to get to grips with.’

ICT education adviser Alex Townsend said it was important for youngsters to develop a critical awareness of how media is produced so they understand that not everything they see is as it appears.

When Fairfield and Ballacloan merge to form Noble’s Primary School the plan is for a space for the equipment as a ‘semi permanent fixture’.

Year six pupil Adib Jardirdar said he enjoyed being behind the cameras and manning the video switcher, both new to him.

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