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A plan has been submitted for an estimated £80,000 extension to the Pre-School Assessment Centre.

The Department of Education and Children-run facility in Pulrose has applied (13/91423/B) to planners for a single storey extension to provide a new sensory play room.

The project is being funded by Manx Miracles, a charity for families and children with additional needs and disabilities, with additional support from the Wooden Spoon charity.

Head teacher Jo Radcliffe said the aim was ‘to create a sensory enriched environment designed to support children with multi sensory processing difficulties’.

And she explained she hoped it would enable children to ‘develop their ability to integrate and assimilate auditory, visual, oral and vestibular information in their own unique personal ways to regulate and become confident learners on the road to being competent adults’.

She pointed to research carried out in 2002, which shows positive changes in children when using sensory integration strategies.

The sensory room will feature a range of equipment including interactive lighting with an LED musical touch wall and a touch wall, a mobile sensory station, an interactive bubble wall, a vibration floor, a rocking seat, and a sunken trampoline.

Construction costs are estimated at £60,000 as well as £10,000 to fit out the sensory room and £10,000 contract administration.

The Pre-School Assessment Centre, based in the Youth and Community Centre, ensures children with special needs are assessed and their requirements identified when starting school.

It works with children with different needs, from those with development delays and social communication disorders to those with physical disabilities and complex needs.

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