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Martyn Humphreys

Martyn Humphreys

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Parents can pay cheaper fees at King William’s College if their children are talented enough.

The private school in Castletown offers academic scholarships and sport, drama and music awards to youngsters up to a level of 20 per cent of college fees.

The deadline for scholarships for year 7 (aged 11 to 12 from September) is on January 10.

King William’s is a non-selective school at entry, so children who are not academically-gifted can qualify for means-tested fee discounts for further scholarship discounts.

KWC ranks 20th in’s Top IB Schools 2013.

But the school boasts that its real difference is the small class sizes, which average 15 and are as low as 10 in the sixth form.

In 2013, 46 per cent of all GCSE grades were also A*/A, and in the sixth form the average IB score was 34 points (which is the equivalent of more than three A*s at A level).

In 2013, 94 per cent of college students achieved their first choice university offer.

Principal Martin Humphreys said: ‘We hope that with the scholarships we offer, together with the fee discounts which we grant on a means-tested basis, an education at King William’s College is open to a very wide spectrum of family incomes.

‘The bursar and I are always happy to meet with prospective parents who may be surprised at the fee support which is on offer.’

For information regarding scholarships, contact and for information regarding bursaries, contact

Fees at the college (per term):

Upper 6 £6,582

Lower 6 £6,582

Upper 5 £5,781

Middle 5 £5,781

Lower 5 £5,781

Upper 4 £4,629

Lower 4 £4,629

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