Union head hears teachers’ concerns over parking charges

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The president of a leading teaching union visited the island this week, with the possible introduction of parking charges for school staff high on the agenda.

During her three-day visit, Association of Teachers and Lecturers president Alison Sherratt met Department of Education and Children chief executive Professor Ronald Barr, a number of schools and attended the union’s island branch AGM.

Mrs Sherratt said: ‘Parking charges would disenfranchise everyone in education. You always carry so much around when you’re a teacher, you need your car.

‘A lower pay rise and increased pension contributions means a chunk out of your wage to park your car is a pay cut.’

The union is urging its members to express their views in the Department of Infrastructure’s consultation.

Mrs Sherratt was impressed with what she saw at both St John’s Primary School and Castle Rushen High School. At St John’s the physical layout of the school stood out as well as the enthusiasm of the retiring head teacher, Nigel Bennett.

Mrs Sherratt visited the Scripture Union Ministries Trust Lifepath programme at Rushen Abbey, which sees volunteers explore the concept of faith through the life of an 11th century Cistercian monk.

She said: ‘The creativity of what they are offering children is incredible. The children were also given the opportunity to reflect on how they feel.’

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