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Emphasis is continually placed on Manx elements in the curriculum across the island’s primary and secondary schools.

The Department of Education and Children was explaining its position after Douglas North MHK Bill Henderson called for a change of culture in the department, to give a greater focus on Manx history and heritage.

Jo Callister, advisory teacher for the Manx curriculum, said: ‘The primary history, geography and art curriculums have already been written to reflect our heritage and we are about to update the music curriculum to also include Manx references.

‘The resources that support all these curriculums include famous Manx people, places, events and some excellent resources already in use by schools such as the Gow Ayrn and Kiaull Manninagh Music schemes provided by Culture Vannin and the Manx myths and legends transition work.’

The department regularly works with organisations such as the Department of Infrastructure Mapping Service, Manx National Heritage, Culture Vannin and the Centre for Manx Studies to provide high quality field trips, workshops and resources that further support the teaching of local studies within both primary and secondary schools.

In addition, she said that as many resources are now able to be digitised, and many are online, the resourcing of Manx topics is continual.

The Manx Curriculum Wiki was set up to be a hub to house all new Manx resources and make it easy for teachers to find these in one place.

Newly qualified teachers and those new to the island are provided with continued professional development, which includes information about Manx history, politics, government, language and where Manx resources can be found to support teaching.

Speaking at the annual Illiam Dhone commemoration, Mr Henderson said: ‘Our education system has seriously let us down in not promoting a much more Manx/island-based foundation for our young people.’

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