Father hits out after bus shelter removal may put ‘lives in danger’

Kevin Perks his sons Jack, 10,  Alfie, 5, and Stuart, 14

Kevin Perks his sons Jack, 10, Alfie, 5, and Stuart, 14

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A father in Glen Mona has hit out at the government over the removal of a bus shelter near his family home.

In an email sent to outgoing Department of Infrastructure (DoI) Minister David Cretney, concerned father Kevin Perks asks Mr Cretney to explain why the bus shelter has been removed without notice.

Mr Perks says: ‘Two of my children attend Dhoon School and are forced to get the bus rather than walk the short distance because the pavements are poorly kept and too narrow to be safe.

‘My eldest child attends Ramsey Grammar School with many other children from Glen Mona and particularly Ballagorry.

‘Every morning they huddle in the bus shelter to keep out of the Maughold weather.

‘Removing it is encouraging them to shelter across the road. The poorly enforced speed limit is 30mph, but every morning I witness car after car speeding through the village.

‘It is only a matter of time before a child is hit. It isn’t even clear if it is even a bus stop now and speaking with Bus Vannin they don’t seem to know either.

‘Will the bus stop for the children in the morning? Who knows? This is putting lives in danger. I am, quite frankly, livid.’

Mr Perks says that he can see no logical reason for the decision and even offers to pay towards a bus shelter himself, saying: ‘If it is a financial decision I will step up and put my hand in my pocket to protect the local children, just let me know how I can do so.

‘I can assure you that should one of my children be hurt as a result of this decision, I will take legal action.

‘I am considering whether there is a basis to bring a claim as it stands. It is a reckless and dangerous decision.’

The DoI has responded, saying that there are plans for a new bus shelter nearby, saying: ‘In Glen Mona there is no department-owned land on which to place a normal bus shelter.

‘The shelter that has recently been removed was located on private land leased by the Department of Community, Culture and Leisure, then the DoI.

‘We have unfortunately been unable to reach agreement with the landowner about future leasing or purchase of the land and the landowner requested its removal.

‘We have identified that a shelter (possibly cantilevered) can be installed just around the corner at the bottom of Ballagorry Drive, following low cost highways alterations which are being progressed.

‘The DoI took over responsibility for bus shelters when it was allocated responsibility for the properties of the DCCL under the Estates Shared Services provision. The DoI will also take over responsibility for bus services from April 1, 2014.’

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