Beecroft attacks Anderson after his ‘arrogant’ comments on damning health review

Kate Beecroft MHK

Kate Beecroft MHK

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Liberal Vannin leader Kate Beecroft MHK has described former Health Minister David Anderson as arrogant.

Her attack came after Mr Anderson, who was moved out of the Council of Ministers in a shake-up last month, spoke about the recent West Midlands Quality Review Service review into the Manx health service.

On Sunday he told a radio station: ‘There have always been lobby groups in Noble’s Hospital and those lobby groups made themselves very well known to West Midlands when they presented.

‘So I’m hoping on future reviews in different areas there’ll be more of a balance if you like – that they’ll engage more with other staff.

‘Obviously this group of disenfranchised staff certainly got their full hearing. It would be nice to have a broader cross section of staff responding to future visits and hopefully they’ll give them more time because I am aware they took up an incredible of time and they didn’t see some of the people they should have been speaking to within these areas.’

Mrs Beecroft said: ‘We have accused ex-minister Anderson of being either lazy, incompetent or both but it seems that we will have to add “arrogant” to the list.

‘To infer that West Midlands have acted anything other than with complete professionalism is arrogance in the extreme.

‘Mr Anderson did enough damage during the time when he was Health Minister by ignoring the warning signs that there were significant problems at Noble’s hospital and it would appear that he still cannot recognise his own failings and believes that everyone is wrong except him.

‘Regardless of whom West Midlands talked to or did not talk to, the results of their review should have been sufficient to ensure that anyone who had been party to allowing this appalling situation to arise in the first place should be hanging their heads in shame and not trying to defend the indefensible.’

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