Caring for dementia patients with reminiscence pods

Launch of Reminiscence Pods at Keyll Darree, Noble's Hospital

Launch of Reminiscence Pods at Keyll Darree, Noble's Hospital

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Dementia sufferers in the island can now benefit from a new type of treatment.

Three Reminiscence or ‘Rem’ Pods, which were made famous by their appearance on Dragon’s Den, have been donated to the Department of Health and Social Care by the Leagues of Friends of Noble’s Hospital and of Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital.

The pods are effectively pop-up rooms that recreate a variety of historic settings, such as a living room or a vintage shop.

A 1960s living room pod was purchased for Noble’s Hospital, with two pods – a dance hall and a seaside scene – purchased for Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital.

Volunteer service manager Alison Lester, who is a member of a working group on dementia care and investigated using RemPods, said: “The idea behind the pods is that they recreate familiar and memorable settings from a patient’s past, drawing on their long term memory.

‘Accessing these familiar environments, particularly during times of confusion and distress can be comforting and reassuring for patients, especially when they find themselves disoriented by unfamiliar surroundings such as a hospital ward.’

It is estimated that around 1,100 people are living with dementia in the Isle of Man.

Barbara Scott, Director of Operations (Acute Services) at Noble’s Hospital, said: ‘The research and feedback on the pods to date across the UK shows that they have been very successful.

‘We are grateful to both Leagues of Friends for these very generous donations which will enhance the care for our patients with dementia.’

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