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Representatives of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, which provides treatments to cancer patients in the Isle of Man and around the North West of the UK, will visit the island next week.

Fundraising managers Louise Beach and Jade Barrett will host a series of information and thank you events for companies, groups and the public between Monday and Wednesday.

The main public event will take place between 10am and 1pm on Wednesday, March 5, at the Henry Bloom Noble Library in Victoria Street, Douglas. Attendees can learn more about the work of The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity, how donations have made a difference to local residents and what the charity has planned for the future.

The Clatterbridge centre is one of the largest cancer centres in the UK and is well known in the island. Up to 28,000 patients receive care each year from Clatterbridge, including around 1,000 Manx people. The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity raises funds to directly benefit Clatterbridge cancer patients and their families across the region. Its efforts have funded research, equipment and support services that would otherwise be unavailable, from innovations in cancer treatment to the relatives’ accommodation that provides a home from home to the loved ones of patients during treatments.

Miss Beach said: ‘I’m very excited to visit the island to thank our supporters. The money raised by Manx people in aid of The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity helps us provide vital support services including patient counselling and cancer research projects, chemotherapy clinics in Liverpool hospitals so that our Manx patients aren’t travelling as far from the airport for treatment, as well as relatives’ accommodation at our centre on the Wirral. We would like to say thank you so much from all the staff at Clatterbridge for your continued support.’

The team is planning to visit a number of groups and companies during its time here. To arrange a meeting, call on 0151 482 7948 or email

For more information about the charity, go to

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