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Here to help: Elizabeth McGowan is co-ordinating the survey and is at the end of the phone should anyone need help filling it in

Here to help: Elizabeth McGowan is co-ordinating the survey and is at the end of the phone should anyone need help filling it in

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A FORMER nurse tasked with improving services and planning for cancer patients in the Isle of Man is urging those who have not yet responded to a survey questionnaire to consider completing it.

Cancer services improvement nurse Elizabeth McGowan said the deadline for questionnaires to be completed and submitted, which was originally at the end of last week, has now been extended by a fortnight.

More than 300 patients have received the questionnaire. They were sent to people who received treatment between May last year and April this year.

UK company Quality Health is administering the survey.

So far there has been a 60 per cent return rate but Ms McGowan is hoping to increase that by at least 20 per cent by extending the deadline.

The survey is about the healthcare cancer patients received at Noble’s Hospital, plus before and after they were treated there.

It is estimated it will take about 10 minutes to complete.

Answers should be based on personal experience and are given anonymously and confidentially.

The information received will be used to improve the services offered to patients in the future and will inform the Isle of Man Cancer Strategy, which will be published early next year.

The Cancer Strategy will be a blueprint for future care and Ms McGowan, whose job it is to improve the whole system of cancer care in the Isle of Man, said the information received from the questionnaires will play an invaluable part in its formation.

‘There will be those people who don’t want to fill it in and that’s completely understandable,’ said Ms McGowan, who trained as a nurse at Noble’s Hospital and says her experience as a nurse means she is able to empathise with patients and plan services with that in mind.

‘However if people do answer the questionnaire it will act as a foundation for building a strategy around the patient and ensuring the patient’s needs are at the heart of the service we are providing. We want to provide a service that’s meaningful and is fulfilling their needs.

‘The survey will hopefully enable me to extract the information we can use to develop or provide a first class service in the Isle of Man.’

Ms McGowan believes the island can be a centre of excellence in that respect.

‘I want to do the right thing for patients,’ she said. ‘I want to do the right thing for patients in the Isle of Man.

‘It is a one-off opportunity for people to make a difference. We really appreciate the input and I really want to thank those who have already contributed and taken their time to put their heart and soul into it.’

If you have any questions about the questionnaire, or about your care or treatment, contact Ms McGowan on 650723.

Alternatively, if you have any queries about the questionnaire, call the freephone number on 0800 783 1775.

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