Lesley donates kidney to a stranger

Lesley Tate

Lesley Tate

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A Peel woman is donating a kidney to a stranger in an amazing act of kindness.

Lesley Tate, 55, a mother of three, who works helping people with learning disabilities, travelled to the Liverpool for the operation to donate the kidney on Monday afternoon.

Speaking just an hour after the operation, Lesley’s husband, Philip, confirmed that everything had gone well and that his wife was comfortable.

Asked what inspired her to make the sacrifice Lesley said: ‘I always had it at the back of my mind but I didn’t really know how to go about it.

‘Then I saw something on television about a living donor program and I decided to go ahead and do it.

‘Also I hoped it might raise awareness that people can do this.

‘I contacted the Renal Unit at Noble’s Hospital at first and I’ve had to undergo lots of tests.

‘Blood tests at first and you’ve got to be classed as in exceptional good health.

‘I’ve had more tests in Liverpool, at first you don’t know if you’ll be eligible.

‘They have to test levels in your kidneys, scans might reveal you’re not fit enough to donate.

‘There are three tubes on the kidney and they’ve got be a match with the person you’re donating the organ to.

‘I wanted to give something back in life, it’s not much of a life if you have to spend eight hours three times a week on a dialysis machine.

‘You don’t need two kidneys.’

When you donate the kidney you are never given any information about who you are donating to but the recipient is given your details should they wish to contact you.

Lesley left on Sunday and will take five days to recouperate in the hospital before she can come home.

Then she will need a couple of months off work.

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