Should posts be advertised in-house?

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THE decision to advertise internally for someone to fill the post of chief pharmacist at Noble’s Hospital has been queried.

In the House of Keys, David Cannan (Michael) asked Health Minister David Anderson to confirm there was an ex-patriate Manx worker sufficiently qualified for the job.

He asked why he was being ‘denied’.

Mr Anderson said if there was no suitable internal candidate then the department would look further afield.

He said there were ‘quite a few’ pharmacists in the Department of Health.

Mr Cannan asked why the position was not being advertised in the Pharmaceutical Journal and in response Mr Anderson said he knew the Michael MHK had a constituent who was interested in the post.

The Health Minister said he should not let that influence his decision.

Brenda Cannell (Douglas East) asked if Mr Anderson had consulted his staff at Noble’s about the decision to advertise internally. Mr Anderson said it was not normal procedure to consult staff before advertising a post and added: ‘I believe it is important that we should send a message out that staff can aspire to these levels.’

He went on to reiterate that if a suitable candidate could not be found internally then the department would look outside its own staff.

Mr Cannan added: ‘Is it not in the best interests of patient care and the NHS that the best qualified person should be appointed?’

Most government jobs are being advertised internally only in response to financial pressures.

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