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DONORS NEEDED: Anthony Nolan stem cell donor drive

DONORS NEEDED: Anthony Nolan stem cell donor drive

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A CHARITY is appealing for young men to sign on to its blood stem cell donor register.

Anthony Nolan is looking to recruit men in the 18-30 age bracket and will hold a donor recruitment event tomorrow (Friday) in Douglas.

The event, which will run from 10am until 4pm, will be held at Capital International, Capital House, in Circular Road.

Ivan Bratty, chairman of the Anthony Nolan Isle of Man Friends Group, said: ‘This is the latest in a series of recruitment clinics we have been holding since last September as Ben Doyle, a young Manx resident, is in need of a donor and we are hoping that young Manx men, in particular, will rise to this challenge.’

He added: ‘We are also looking for more businesses to offer us the use of their premises for further recruitment clinics.’

Anthony Nolan saves the lives of people with blood cancer by matching them to people willing to donate their stem cells for lifesaving transplants.

All new donors are welcome but men aged between 18 and 30 are particularly urged to sign up as they are more likely to be asked to donate. Over 80 per cent of donations are given by men, but just 12 per cent of the charity’s register is made up of potential donors from the ideal age range.

Rebecca Sedgwick, national recruitment manager at Anthony Nolan, said: ‘People think donating stem cells is difficult or painful, but it’s a lot like giving blood.

‘Our donors are proud of the part played in potentially saving someone’s life and by signing up, you could help save the life of one of 1,600 people in the UK who desperately need a transplant.’

To join the register, you must be aged between 18 and 40, weigh over eight stone and be in general good health. At the event, you’ll be asked for some medical information and a small saliva sample.

If you aren’t able to attend, register online at or visit to join the GET10K campaign and find 10 young men to join the register.

For more information about Anthony Nolan, visit or call 0303 303 0303.

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