Tinnitus support group to be launched



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Help is at hand for the estimated 8,600 people in the Isle of Man have persistent tinnitus,

The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 11, from 2pm to 4pm at the Claremont Hotel in Douglas.

Working with the British Tinnitus Association (BTA), Guy Wolstencroft, director of Isle of Man Hearing Solutions, is launching the tinnitus support group to ensure that people in the area are able to meet others with the condition and access information.

Mr Wolstencroft’s experience as an Audiologist has exposed him to some of the challenges people with tinnitus face.

He said: ‘As chair of the new group I am delighted to be able to offer support and help to people locally, we hope the first meeting will really help those attending.’

Tinnitus is defined as the experience of sounds with no external source, most commonly ringing or buzzing, but sometimes experienced as whooshing, clicking or even music.

Many people aren’t troubled by sounds they hear but for around 10 per cent the condition has a significant impact on their quality of life, often linked to stress, anxiety or sometimes depression.

David Stockdale, chief executive of the BTA, said: ‘Tinnitus can be an isolating condition, with friends and family struggling to understand how it feels to adapt to the presence of loud or persistent noises.

‘Those people attending this first meeting on the Isle of Man are welcome to bring a family member of friend with them for support.’

A number of speakers will be at the meeting. There will also be free tea and coffee plus music from the harp of Gina Williams.

To find out more or to book a free place or places at the meeting, contact Avril on 898039 or call in to the Hearing Solutions practice in Onchan.

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