Yellow fever jabs now available



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Yellow fever vaccine is now available in the island.

This vaccine has been unavailable since last summer, however all three local designated yellow fever vaccine centres are now booking appointments for those travellers requiring it.

The yellow fever vaccine must be given at least 10 days prior to travel into a yellow fever area.

Yellow fever (YF) virus is an arthropod borne virus of the flaviviridae family.

Other flaviviruses include dengue and Japanese encephalitis viruses.

The areas at risk for transmission of YF are in tropical regions of Africa and South America.

accination against YF is available and should be recorded in an international certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis.

The illness yellow fever has a high mortality rate.

For more information visit the NaTHNaC website: click here

The vaccination centres are: Castletown Medical Centre. Phone 686939; Hailwood Medical Centre, Governor’s Hill, Douglas, phone 686949; and Ramsey Group Practice, Bowring Road, Ramsey. Phone 813881.

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