10 per cent off locks in bike theft hotspot

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TWO companies are offering a 10 per cent reduction in the cost of bicycle locks after a spate of thefts in the south of the island.

Police there have dealt with a number of bike thefts recently and have arrested several people. Most of the bikes were left insecure and unattended, making them an easy target.

Constable Adrian Brooks said: ‘Taking simple steps can significantly reduce the chance of your cycle being stolen. Always store your bike indoors or in a locked out building, and when not in use make sure it’s fastened to an immovable object with a good quality bike lock. Take the time to make a note of the bike’s frame number, make and model together with any distinguishing features, in the event of your bike going missing, simple details like these will greatly assist the police to identify and return your cycle to you.’

Police are working closely with local schools and businesses to increase the awareness of the matter.

Schools will be highlighting the issue in their newsletters and southern cycle retailers are also supporting the initiative. Both Erin Bike Hut in Port Erin and S and S Motors in Castletown have agreed to give a 10 per cent reduction off the price of bike locks during the month of February.

Constable Brooks added: ‘By raising awareness of the matter and getting local schools and businesses on board, it is hoped that together we can significantly reduce thefts of this type.’

If anybody would like more information on cycle security they can contact Port Erin police station on 832222 or Castletown police station on 822222.

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