100-mile run to promote organ donation

Phil and Sarah Marshall

Phil and Sarah Marshall

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A former army captain from Onchan is planning to run 100 miles in the summer to promote organ donation and encourage people to sign up to the donors’ register.

Phil Marshall, who went to St Ninian’s High School, is undertaking the challenge to publicise the need for organ donors after his wife Sarah was diagnosed with a serious lung condition last October.

The illness came unexpectedly when Sarah collapsed and was taken to hospital where tests found she was suffering from pulmonary hypertension.

Life expectancy for sufferers is estimated to be between two and 10 years.

The best hope is a heart and lung transplant but many patients die while still on the waiting list for a suitable organ donor.

Phil said: ‘The whole 12 months has been a real rollercoaster of all sorts of emotions, through frustration to just being sad at times with the diagnosis.’

Sarah added: ‘It was very difficult. Because we didn’t know what was wrong with me, it was incredibly frustrating.

‘I could hardly move, I couldn’t breathe properly, everything just went wrong overnight.’

The couple now live in Oxfordshire where Sarah was a teacher before becoming ill, and Phil is an assistant bank manager.

Phil’s challenge starts with a half-marathon in April, followed by a full marathon, then the 85-mile Parish Walk and then culminating in a 100-mile run in August. To find out more visit www.igiveyoumyheart.org

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