2016: warmer, drier and sunnier than normal

Waves break over Ramsey promenade

Waves break over Ramsey promenade

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The year 2016 was drier, warmer and sunnier than normal.

That’s according to the Ronaldsway Met Office in its annual weather summary.

TT Atmosphere from around the Grandstand

The crowded Grandstand food area

TT Atmosphere from around the Grandstand The crowded Grandstand food area

A spokesman said: ‘Despite an exceptionally wet start to the year, with no respite until mid-March, 2016 overall was drier than average.

‘Total rain measured 798mm, 66mm below average with May, October, November and December all being significantly drier than normal.’

The wettest day was October 16 when 19.8mm fell.

There were 1,643 hours of sunshine compared to the long term mean of 1,578 hours.

The Ayres nature reserve, which has been completely flooded, and the visitors centre cut off

The Ayres nature reserve, which has been completely flooded, and the visitors centre cut off

May was the sunniest month with 241 hours but the summer months of July and August saw a deficit to normal.

The mean temperature for the year measured 10.6°C, 0.5°C above normal, ranking 2016 the 10th warmest year on record.

November was the only month significantly colder than average.

July 19 was the hottest day of the year with the thermometer reaching 26°C.

Winter frost scenes

Winter frost scenes

There were only seven nights with air frosts, the coldest minus 2.0°C was recorded on February 25 when the ground temperature fell to minus 6.3°C.

Measuring 13.9mph, the mean wind speed was only slightly below the long term mean of 14.1mph.

And there were only seven days with gales compared to the more normal 17. The highest gust of 66mph was recorded on January 26.

There were 29 days with fog, 18 days with hail, 11 days with sleet or snow and six days with thunderstorms observed at Ronaldsway.

Met Office records started in 1948.

Monthly summary

January: The year got off to a poor start, with dull, wet and windy weather, albeit mild, with a mean temperature of 7.3°C. Rainfall was almost double the long term average, and sunshine was 33 per cent down. There was a storm on the 26th with gusts to 66mph.

February: Another wet month with more than 30 per cent more rain than normal. At least there were some brighter days and frosty nights in the mix. The mean 24 hour temperature was close to normal.

March: The wettest winter on record finally came to an end. March was drier, sunnier and less windy than average. Clear skies though, led to 12 mornings with a ground frost.

April: There were just over 200 hours of bright sunshine but temperatures were on the low side with a mean of just 7.7°C. Rainfall was above average but there was a dry spell from the 13th to the 24th .

May: Dry, warm and sunny: with five days when the temperature exceeded 20°C. Rainfall was 40 per cent down on the average and there were 241 hours of bright sun.

June: Mostly dry, warm and sunny but more unsettled towards the end of the month. The mean maximum temperature measured 17.9°C with 22°C recorded in TT week. Winds were unusually light.

July: Close to average in most respects, but sometimes humid, with eight days with fog. The 19th was the hottest day of the year.

August: A more mixed month with nearly 80mm of rain and winds gusting to 45mph on the 20th . Temperatures were close to normal though.

September: The third warmest September on record got autumn off to a good start. The temperature reached 24.5°C on the 14th, the second highest September temperature on record at Ronaldsway.

October: A dry month with half the average rainfall for October and 20 per cent more sunshine. Temperatures were slightly above normal.

November: The settled autumn continued and November turned out to be the sunniest on record with 96.7 hours recorded. Rainfall was 30 per cent below normal. Temperatures were on the cool side though with a mean over the month of 7.2°C and 13 nights with a ground frost.

December: The third mildest on record, with just over half the normal rainfall but dull with only 28.9 hours of sunshine.

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