£4.4m spent on new buses

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BUS Vannin has purchased 30 new buses at a cost of £4.42 million over the past three years.

And there have been teething problems with six of the vehicles, MHKs were told in a written reply to a House of Keys question.

Bus Vannin has come under much criticism over possible moves to buy bendy-buses for use on school routes.

Peter Karran (Lib Van, Onchan) asked Community Culture and Leisure Minister Graham Cregeen how much had been spent on new buses in each of the last three years - and whether he was satisfied with their quality and performance.

Mr Cregeen replied that £1,879,214.40 had been spent in 2012/13, £1,196,176.71 the previous year and £1,345,567 in 2010/11.

A spokesman for the DCCL confirmed that the department has purchased 24 Mercedes Citaro buses and six Wright StreetLite low-floor midi-buses over that three year period.

But he said: ‘Contracts with manufacturers contain confidentiality clauses and we are not allowed to give details of the individual cost of contracts.’

In his written reply, Mr Cregeen described the quality and performance of the silver Mercedes delivered in 2011 and 2012 as ‘excellent’.

But he said the quality and performance of the six Wright StreetLites delivered in 2010 had been ‘satisfactory’ and there has been ‘teething troubles with this new design of vehicle’.

He said this had been addressed by the manufacturer and their performance had improved to the same level as other Wright’s buses in the fleet delivered previously.

No other bus types have been brought in these three years, he added.

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