62 government staff suspended during past two years

Tynwald buildings, Douglas

Tynwald buildings, Douglas

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A total of 62 government staff have been suspended on full pay in the past two years, figures released in Tynwald reveal.

Of those 62 suspended since April 2013, 59 were for a period of more than 10 days.

The figures were given by Chief Minister Allan Bell in a written reply to a question from Lib Van MHK Peter Karran (Onchan).

They reveal that of the 62 cases, 12 ended in dismissal.

There were seven written warnings and six final written warnings.

Ten of the 62 proved to be unfounded and there was no case to answer.

Mr Bell said it was not possible to provide a full breakdown of all suspensions by each individual department, board or office because of data protection rules. The information was therefore provided by employment group to protect individuals who could be identified by their location.

The Chief Minister said in his written answer that there was no evidence of any one department disproportionately issuing suspensions or using the fairness at work policy.

Mr Bell said: ‘Since April 2013 there have been 42 cases involving the fairness at work policy (formerly the Bullying and Harassment Policy) reported to the Office of Human Resources and of these no reported cases where the individual was suspended.

‘The number of cases generally correlates to the size of the department, and there is no evidence to suggest that any one department is displaying disproportionate incidence of suspension or usage of the fairness at work policy.

‘It should be noted that the fairness at work policy places a greater emphasis on using an informal process and mediation, and records suggest that this approach is successful in de-escalating cases before they reach the formal stage.’

The fairness at work policy replaced the 2009 prevention of bullying, harassment and victimisation at work policy in January this year.

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