A £2,500 penalty for dropped gum

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DROPPING chewing gum in the street is an offence.

And Douglas Council will run a campaign to remind those who do it they could be fined £50 on the spot or a £2,500 maximum penalty in court.

Council leader David Christian, chairman of the policy and resources committee, said £3,000 would be spent adapting the UK’s Keep Britain Tidy gum campaign planned soon and posters would be seen around the town.

‘There is £5million being spent on the regeneration of Douglas, dropping chewing gum is unacceptable,’ he said. ‘We will come down and hit hard on people who want to spit it out.’

He said the council was looking at the possibility of handing out small metal containers into which people could put used gum.

‘People need to start waking up,’ said Mr Christian. ‘Wardens have been challenged that it’s not litter but, the same as a cigarette, it is defined as litter.’

The exact dates during which the campaign will run are yet to be announced, but it will be in May/June.

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