A bit of Manx Gaelic history

BRIAN Stowell has been involved with Manx Gaelic for more than 50 years and has played a key role in the revival of the language.

While he was still at school, Brian visited the likes of Ned Maddrell and John Kneen (Yn Gaaue) and quickly became a fluent speaker.

He is, therefore, ideally placed to talk about, not only the revival of interest in the language, but also the history of Manx Gaelic.

In this new bi-lingual video series, Brian and I will be charting some of the important developments in the history of Manx Gaelic/y Ghaelg.

The opening episode asks the question: What is a Celtic language?

There are six Celtic languages - but what are they, where are they spoken and what are their similarities?

Watch the video to listen to Brian and I talk through the subject, firstly in English and then in Manx.

Over the next seven weeks, we will be covering the following topics:

Where did Manx come from?

Place names in the Isle of Man

The Bible in Manx Gaelic

Language shift from Manx to English: why?

Native speakers of Manx Gaelic

The revival of Manx Gaelic

The importance of Manx today


This series is produced by Isle of Man Newspapers and Manx Heritage Foundation.

Camera operators: Gary Myers and Stephen Parry

Boom operator: James O'Meara

Title music: Scaanjoon, Skeletons

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