A chance to see the world’s fastest toilet

A car taking part in last year's event

A car taking part in last year's event

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The annual drag racing and drifting event is to take place at the weekend at Jurby Motordrome.

Now in its fifth year the free-to-spectate event has grown in popularity, attracting top UK drag racers whose vehicles are capable of 0–180mph in seven seconds.

This year one of the top UK ‘pro mod drag’ bike teams, Warpspeed, will bring over a garage of bikes capable of covering the quarter mile in six seconds at speeds close to 200mph.

Guy Martin fans who remember watching the TT star trying out drag racing in an episode of his TV series Speed will be interested to know Warpspeed was the team which was on hand to lend Guy the bike and teach him how to handle the monster.

For the four-wheeled fanatics there will be not one, but two 1950 Ford Populars capable of 0 to 140mph in 9.5 seconds.

These cars run in the popular outlaw Anglia class of drag racing, where their wheel standing launches from the startline wow the crowds.

Last year the event witnessed the beginning of unusual vehicles being built and raced along the quarter mile.

The Wacky Racers theme began with the Isle of Man-based Garage Insanity Team building and attempting to crack the world speed record for a mobility scooter, which at that time was 74mph. Unfortunately, handling problems prevented their attempt.

This year another Isle of Man-based Wacky Race team, Anderson Bodyshop from Ballasalla, has built a mobility scooter which has recorded 107mph in testing.

The scooter was recently seen on Douglas promenade during the TT.

Saturday is official Guinness World Record attempt day.

Continuing with the Wacky Races, the world’s fastest toilet will be thundering down the track along with the world’s fastest coin-operated ride, the Postman Pat van.

Due to popular demand, the Patvan racing team is making the trip over again with the Postman Pat van, and will be bringing along garage buddy Patvan 2, a bike-engined dragster, and Patvan 3, a slightly larger Postman Pat van complete with a 1,000cc V Twin Aprilia engine.

The all-new Patvan 3 will be testing at the event as it’s currently still under construction.

The Manx Drift Corporation, MDC, will be churning up plenty of tyre smoke as they display car control on their twisty track.

The event is open to all riders and drivers who would like to compete in the drag racing or Drifting. All you need is a licence, helmet and a safe vehicle.

The event is sponsored by PokerStars and hosted by the Manx Drag Racing Association in partnership with Straightliners.

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