A scene from Narnia is created in Douglas

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Intrepid last minute Christmas shoppers who braved Saturday’s storms found a scene from Narnia in Douglas’s main shopping precinct.

Ice sculptors Darren Jackson and Stephanie Quayle produced the Ice Queen’s throne surrounded by trees and a couple of reindeer and the whole creation was in place near the Isle of Man Bank by around 11,30am for passers by to enjoy and photograph.

The ice sculptures

The ice sculptures

Town Centre manager Michelle O’Malley said: ‘It was really lovely even if the weather did put a bit of a damper on things. But lots of people were still posing for photos sitting on the throne which was big enough for two people.

‘So many people stopped and said how nice it was. It just looked amazing. Really good.’

As darkness fell on the shortest day the scene really came to life as the flood lighting produced a magical effect shining through the ice,’ Ms O’Malley said.

Stephanie Quayle told the Examiner the scene was produced by fitting blocks of ice together and completing the basic structure in a walk-in freezer. The blocks can then me removed and reassembled in situ where the finishing touches are put using tools ranging from chain saws to chisels and an electric iron which helps to produce a clear glass-like finish.

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