Aid from the Isle of Man to Syria and Sudan

Phil Gawne MHK

Phil Gawne MHK

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The Manx taxpayer is to give aid in response to two humanitarian crises.

The International Development Committee of the Council of Ministers has awarded Oxfam GB £50,000 to improve water supplies, hygiene and sanitation for refugees who have fled their homes since the start of the conflict in Syria.

The organisation is helping to restore essential services and infrastructure for people living in temporary accommodation and shelters where aid is desperately needed.

The committee has also provided £50,000 to Plan UK to assist displaced children and families in Sudan.

The humanitarian support is aimed at supplying clean water, food, shelter, education and sanitation in the North Darfur region.

Phil Gawne MHK, chairman of the International Development Committee, said: ‘The emergency funding will make a small but valuable contribution to the aid programmes being delivered in countries scarred by conflict. Funding from the Isle of Man continues to improve people’s lives and also reinforces our reputation as an internationally responsible and compassionate nation.’

He added: ‘I recognise that overseas support is an emotive issue at a time when the Isle of Man is experiencing its own financial challenges. However, the Isle of Man Government believes that it is important to play its part in efforts to create a better future for all the world’s citizens.’

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