Almost 800 health staff on zero hour contracts

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Almost 800 healthcare staff are employed by government on zero hours contracts.

In a Tynwald question for written reply Lib Van MHK Peter Karran asked how many are employed by the hospital and health care system and how many of these are over retirement age.

Health and Social Care Minister Howard Quayle MHK replied that 1,269 staff are employed on a full-time basis of which one is over 65, 658 staff are engaged on a part-time basis of which five are over 65 and 793 staff are engaged on a bank (zero hours) basis of which 69 are over the age of 65.

staff engaged on zero hour contracts have no guaranteed minimum number of hours.

Mr Quayle said many DHSC employees hold a post with regular contracted hours and a bank post.

He said: ‘It is in the nature of bank work that the hours worked will vary from week to week.

He said: ‘In the month of October 2015, 311 staff were recorded as working hours in relation to zero hours contracts. This included staff also holding contracts with guaranteed hours. Of these, 285 employees recorded part-time hours.’

Some 62 medical staff were engaged through an agency to fulfil full-time hours and four to do part-time hours in the month of October.

In addition, 23 part-time and 17 full-time non medical staff were engaged, through an agency, to work in health care related areas.

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