Anderson’s integrity is intact

David Anderson MHK

David Anderson MHK

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We have ‘complete confidence in the integrity’ of the Health Minister.

That was the conclusion of Speaker of the House of Keys and chairman of the Tynwald Standards and Members’ Interests Committee Steve Rodan told Tynwald as members approved a report into the conduct of David Anderson.

The committee had investigated claims that the House of Keys was misled by the Minister over a letter signed by hospital consultants highlighting concerns over patient safety at Noble’s Hospital.

Its report cleared Mr Anderson of deliberately misleading the House but found that his statements were not correct.

It concluded he was badly let down by the officers who advised him - and that the department’s chief executive, David Killip, deserved censure.

Mr Anderson had been accused of misleading the House of Keys on June 11, 2013 and again in a personal statement on June 25, by saying some of the consultants had withdrawn their support for the letter.

In fact, the report found, the consultants stood by both the content of the letter and the medium.

But the Minister voted against two of the three conclusions, about the inaccuracy of his statements and the cause.

He said: ‘The committee has reached its conclusions without testing the evidence and has taken the evidence of the four that allegedly “withdrew their support” and dismissed Mrs Scotts’s [hospital manager Barbara Scott] evidence without giving her the opportunity to call on a witness, even after my letter to prompt them.

‘I believe Mr Killip, who has, I think, unjustly been castigated in this report, like me knows Mrs Scott to be an honest and truthful individual and took her report in the same view.

Mr Killip accepted that he is the senior officer in the department and therefore took criticism squarely on his shoulders.

‘If Mrs Scott’s evidence had been the body of evidence the committee accepted, I doubt if any blame would be laid at his door.’

The report was approved with 15 votes for and eight against in the Keys, and six for and three against in Legislative Council.

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