Andy recognised for Flatkidz campaign

P.C Andy Lloyd nomination for Community Police Officer of Year for his work at Willaston.

P.C Andy Lloyd nomination for Community Police Officer of Year for his work at Willaston.

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A bobby behind a pioneering community safety initiative is the first to be nominated for our newly-relaunched Community Police Officer of the Year Award.

Constable Andy Lloyd is the brainchild behind Flatkidz, lifesize cardboard cut-outs of children that have put up by the roadside in the Willaston and Governors Hill areas in a bid to slow motorists down.

He came up with the idea, which draws on the success of the PC Flat road safety scheme, after he was approached by a number of local residents concerned about the speed of drivers in these busy residential areas where lots of children play.

He was nominated by BBC reporter Kelly Foran who said: ‘It was solely his idea to introduce the “FlatKidz”. He did all the research, came up with the idea and sought out funding [as it wasn’t available from the police].

‘The issue is also close to him as he had taught Judo to the 10-year-old girl who died in a bus crash in Castletown – so protecting young children on or near roads is something very close to his heart. I have interviewed Andy for work and I really picked up on his passion for protecting members of the public, and I really hope he receives other nominations too.’

Andy said: ‘I am obviously thrilled to have been nominated for this award.

‘I have only been working with the community team within Douglas Neighbourhood Policing Team for a short time and to be nominated for this award is brilliant.

‘This project is one of many being undertaken by the community safety team and I don’t wish the Flatkidz project to overshadow the brilliant day-to-day work the community safety team do behind the scenes.’

PC Lloyd, 26, who lives in Douglas, joined the Isle of Man Constabulary three years ago, initially based at Lord Street and then posted to Castletown for a year before moving to Willaston police station. He’s now back at Lord Street.

He said: ‘PC Flat plays on people’s fear of getting prosecuted but Flatkidz appeals to the better nature of motorists, especially in built-up areas. Motorists travelling a little too quickly in a residential estate will intuitively slow down when they see a child playing next to a road.’

Andy said that since Flatkidz, which is funded by Ellan Vannin Fuels, was launched two months ago, there has been a lot of positive feedback and he hopes the initiative will go on to be rolled out across the island.

l Deadline for nominations is Friday, March 14. To make a nomination send the full name of your chosen officer, and your reasons for choosing him or her, to: Jackie Turley, Isle of Man Newspapers, Peel Road, Douglas, IM1 5PZ, or email

Please include your own full name, address and phone number so we can contact you.

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