App gives up to date road news

The readthesigns app

The readthesigns app

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Motorists can stay up to date with road closures and driving conditionsthis TT by using the readthesigns mobile phone app.

The app, developed by the Department of Infrastructure, allows users to check information being displayed on 13 electronic traffic signs situated at the Villa Marina, Liverpool Arms, Richmond Hill, Bath Place, Albert Road, Barrule Park, Ramsey-Mountain, Hillberry-Mountain, Hillberry-Douglas, Sulby-Mountain, Sulby Main Road, Barregarrow-Mountain and Barregarrow Main Road.

The signs, which highlight important messages such as weather warnings and temporary or emergency road closures, are updated 24 hours a day and details on the app are refreshed every five minutes.

readthesigns is available free of charge from app stores.

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