Appeal for more volunteers for Peel lifeboat

Peel lifeboat coxswain Paul Cain pictured at the town's Lifeboat House at the breakwater

Peel lifeboat coxswain Paul Cain pictured at the town's Lifeboat House at the breakwater

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Have you got what it takes to help man an RNLI Lifeboat?

Or do you want to help launch and retrieve the boat when it is called out in emergencies?

Maybe you’d you just like to join in with an entirely volunteer organisation that is there solely for helping others.

The Peel lifeboat service is putting out a call for volunteers, recruits and potential team members to come forward and find out more about joining up.

Whether you’re interested in training as a crewman on the boat or joining the shore crew, the team at the lifeboat house on Peel breakwater is inviting you to go down and learn more about the service.

The number of people available to take up roles in the boat crew and the shore crew have fallen in the past few years, mainly due to the fact that fewer people work in and around Peel now.

With a response and launch time of at least seven minutes, there is a need to recruit as many people as possible who are able to be available in that time.

Paul Cain, chief mechanic and coxswain, explained that there is no limit to the people they can have on their books, as the priority is just to get the boat out on time.

‘Ideally, we would have a minimum of five people that can turn up and get out on the boat,’ said Paul. ‘Then there is the tractor driver, a launcher and a couple for shore crew.

‘You need about six people to work the shore crew well.’

‘There is no level to say that we have too many. If we had 30 crew, that would be ideal. Out of 30 crew, the chances are you’d get somebody during the day.’

There is no reason to feel that you may not have the necessary skills or experience to help out with the crew.

Paul explained that all you need to have is the desire to be there, and the rest will follow in time.

‘Volunteers will all get trained in-house, by the RNLI,’ he said. ‘They don’t have to be experienced at sea. Obviously, if they are, all the better, but the RNLI has a good training scheme.

‘They put them through the sea survival course down at the college [in Poole, Dorset]. That’s the only training they have to do to go to sea.

‘But if people want to progress, the courses are there. It’s getting people who are enthusiastic, that’s the biggest thing.

‘There are shore crew roles as well, if you want to stay behind. We can’t do the job at sea if we can’t get it in the water.

‘And then there are fundraisers, too. Anybody in the branch helps those at the front. Anybody who wants to put something in, do what you can, when you can.’

If you are interested in joining the Peel lifeboat service, a regular team meeting is held every Wednesday evening at the boathouse.

There are also practice drills every other Sunday, to which anyone is welcome. There is a six-month trial period before you get enrolled, so there is plenty of time to see for yourself if it is the right thing for you.

Call 842309 for more information.

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