Artist Juan’s new stamps and ‘image a day’ challenge

The stamps by Juan Moore

The stamps by Juan Moore

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Manx artist Juan Moore has been commissioned for a £6,000 project during the Island of Culture 2014.

Starting on January 1 Juan will produce an artistic image every day during 2014 and publish each one online via his blog spot.

The Isle of Man Post Office has also commissioned a set of stamps designed by the artist for Island of Culture.

These will be be launched on January 6 and available in the Regent Street Post Office.

Juan said: ‘The stamps were a two-month project.

‘I do a rough draft first and then the client will come back telling me what they like and we go from there and eventually come to a compromise.

‘I like to express odd little ideas and thoughts, that I think we all have, albeit I represent them in sometimes comedic and surreal ways. Most importantly I like a challenge.

‘That’s where ‘An Image A Day’ comes from really, it’s a simple yet ambitious project.

‘Creativity is a funny thing, inspiration can strike and give you a hundred ideas, or it can forsake you for months.

‘It is this element of relying heavily on inspiration and visual problem solving that intrigues me about such a project. I’ve chosen to do the project as a blog as this will allow me to explore all sorts of different media.

‘I’m incredibly excited to begin work on the project and I’m very pleased for it to be part of the Island of Culture.

An Arts Council spokesman said: ‘The Arts Council agreed to the project as it will mean international access to daily art from one of our local resident artists.

‘We will also be able to ensure schools can access the art whenever they need to and Juan will be holding workshops with secondary schools as part of his fee.

The project fee is £6,000 and the Arts Council will own all 365 images at the end of the project.

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