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CLEAN TECHNOLOGY: The island is able to respond swiftly to evolving needs

CLEAN TECHNOLOGY: The island is able to respond swiftly to evolving needs

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‘ENERGY is vital to a modern economy, being needed for heating and lighting of homes, travel and for powering businesses and economic development,’ said Dr Ken Milne, the Isle of Man Government’s senior manager for energy policy.

‘Energy policy across the world is evolving in response to rising fossil fuel prices, issues over security of energy supply and the need to reduce carbon emissions to combat climate change.

‘The world is making a transition to a low carbon future and centres of excellence such as the Isle of Man is well positioned to benefit from the use of clean technology solutions.

‘The Isle of Man has a culture of innovation and intends to be at the forefront of this technology development by attracting and supporting dynamic, innovative businesses and entrepreneurs.

‘With its business networks, flexible assistance schemes and world-leading cluster of corporate service providers, the Isle of Man is already well placed, and will continue to respond swiftly to the evolving needs of those working to make a positive difference through tomorrow’s clean technology solutions.

‘The success in developing the island’s clean tech sector fits very well with our ethos of Where You Can nurture and grow clean tech businesses to provide solutions for a global challenge.’

The Isle of Man offers a combination of advantages for the development of clean tech businesses which are difficult, if not impossible, to find elsewhere:

· Vertically integrated sole electricity provider (Manx Electricity Authority)

· Highly resilient communication network

· Good wind and tidal resources are readily available

· Clean Tech cluster and associated Clean Tech forum

· Business Incubator offering practical business start-up support and facilities

· Highly efficient tax environment helps new businesses to grow

· Highly experienced Corporate Service Providers (CSPs)

· Supporting services from government and grant funding

· Easy access to Ministers and decision makers

· Access to financial and professional services

· Experienced within precision manufacturing

· Excellent transport links to UK and Eire

• Access to EU market for manufactured goods

• Clean Tech funds domiciled in the IOM

•International IP Treaties

• Trialling new technology

• Area for development of land and at sea

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