Ballakilley estate streets to be named after birds or battles?

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Streets in the new estate at Ballakilley should be named after birds (in Manx), First World War battles, former residents in the area who died fighting in the conflict or are featured in the book ‘Manx Worthies’.

The matter was discussed by Port Erin Commissioners at its meeting on Tuesday, March 25.

It was first raised on March 11 when developer Heritage Home wrote to the authority that proposed names including Oak Road, Willow Court and others related to trees. The authority responded that the names are ‘unimaginative’ and ones chosen should more reflect the area.

At the meeting on March 25, commissioners’ clerk Jason Roberts said several suggestions had been floated. They included the names of birds in Manx, Adrian Cain, from Manx Heritage Foundation, suggested south residents in Manx Worthies ‘with an overview of who they were. There could be a name and a snippet of information,’ said Mr Roberts. Other suggestions were, as this is the centenary of the start of the First World War, the names of those who died fighting or battles in the conflict.

‘I think birds is an interesting one,’ said Ged Power. ‘With the World War One idea, how would you specify individuals?’

Steve George said: ‘They could be selected from a hat.’

Chairman Lorna MacKellar said they should refer to the Manx Bird Atlas.

Phil Crellin proposed they forward all the documentation on the various ideas to Heritage Homes. ‘It’s their site, they know people are not happy with the original recommendations,’ he said. He was seconded by Godfrey Egee.

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