Ballakilley‘s ‘unimaginative’ street names need rethink

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The proposed street names for the new Ballakilley estate, to be built on land bordering Port Erin and Rushen parish, are ‘unimaginative’ said Port Erin Commissioners, and they would like developer Heritage Homes to think again.

At last week’s meeting commissioners’ clerk Jason Roberts explained proposed names include tree-related names such as Oak Road and Willow Court.

‘It’s as uninspiring as you can get, it’s ridiculous,’ said Phil Crellin.

Steve George said something ‘fishy’ such as ‘kipper’ or ‘herring’ might be preferable.

Ged Power said: ‘Perhaps we could come up with some appropriate options that are more inherent to the area we live in.’

Mr Crellin proposed they reply: ‘We are a little disappointed with their choice of street names, something with a bit more Port Erin and Manxness would be appreciated.’

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