THE Manx Regiment museum at Tromode has closed after two decades – but the story of the soldiers' remarkable exploits won't be forgotten.

Since 1986, visitors to the MacClellan Hall have spent many Sunday afternoons marvelling at the memorabilia depicting the contribution of the 15th (IoM) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment in World War Two.

Over the years the hall has been staffed by members of the Old Comrades' Association during opening times, but with the number of comrades who are able to help out dwindling, a decision was made to move the artefacts to the Aviation and Military Museum at Ronaldsway.

They will be housed in a Nissen hut at the museum and Lieutenant Colonel Brian Mylchreest, president of the Old Comrades' Association, will officially open the Manx Regiment display on Saturday, May 7 and it will be open to the public from 1pm.

'We are sad, obviously, but this was inevitable,' said Mr Mylchreest. 'When we built the MacClellan Hall we knew then the time would come when there would not be any old comrades able to man the museum.

'So that was always in our minds. It was always our intention to run it as long as possible and when it came to the end we would hand the hall over to the army cadets. It will still be a memorial to the Manx Regiment.'The memorabilia will remain the property of the Manx Regiment's trustees. It's better than putting all the contents in cardboard boxes and storing them somewhere.'

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