Bay Festival hit by poor ticket sales

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THE Bay Festival which is to take place next month may be restructured after poor ticket sales.

The organisers of the 2011 Isle of Man Bay Festival, to be held June 17-19, confirmed that due to current poor ticket sales, with less sold than this time last year, they are looking at ways of restructuring it to give it a viable future.

Jonathan Irving, organiser, said: ‘We are obviously disappointed and surprised at the current level of poor sales despite the completely diverse line-up with some major headline artists on offer compared to other years. This is also after spending some £100,000 promoting the event extensively.

‘However as the festival is costing £1.5m to stage we obviously need people to support it by purchasing tickets now otherwise, as this will be our third attempt and after incurring substantial losses on the other two, there will be clearly no sufficient demand for a festival such as this and thus there will be no viable and sustainable future for it.’

He added: ‘It’s the old maxim – use it or lose it.

‘We were successful yesterday in being granted all our music and dance licences for the event and all we need now is people to support it through purchasing tickets. Therefore we will be working through the weekend to consider ways of simplification to get the cost base down and will make an announcement early next week of any restructuring.’

The organisers said that this review would have no effect on the Sir Elton John appearance on June 16 at Noble’s Park, Douglas, as that is totally unrelated to the Isle of Man Bay Festival and is being staged by a different company.

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