Be careful with water say officials

Rain clouds have formed again over island

Rain clouds have formed again over island

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On the morning rain started falling again in the Isle of Man – accompanied by thunder and lightning in many places - officials warned residents to be careful with water use.

The Water and Sewerage Authority says that the current stock levels in the island’s reservoirs are:

Sulby 78 per cent; Clypse 65 per cent; Kerrowdhoo 65 per cent and West Baldwin 72 per cent.

Water is now being transferred from the Sulby reservoir to the West Baldwin reservoir to supplement the supply of raw water to the Douglas water treatment works. This will continue ‘as long as is necessary’.

The authority’s chief executive, Peter Winstanley, said: ‘This procedure is a normal part of the authority’s dry weather plan.

‘It is operating effectively and maintaining the stock level in the West Baldwin reservoir. However, as there is no significant rainfall forecast in the near future we would ask customers to be mindful of the prolonged dry spell and to continue to use water wisely.’

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