Beach pollution highlighted by volunteer group

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The beach cleaning volunteer group Beach Buddies has discovered an area of coastline which it describes as being polluted by ‘the worst amount of rubbish found on the Isle of Man by far’.

Beach Buddies co-ordinator Bill Dale said: ‘I have to admit that we have felt recently that we had made a significant difference to the cleanliness of the Isle of Man’s beaches, and I still think that this is the case, but the amount of rubbish we discovered at Sartfield beach was simply overwhelming,

‘Our volunteers discovered an absolutely huge amount of rubbish which has collected over what appears to be many, many years. We had a good number of volunteers, and they collected a lot of rubbish, but there is still a mountain of plastic bottles, fishing gear, canisters, ropes and all sorts of rubbish still to be cleared.


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