Bethany embraces life as student in US

Bethany Quayle (centre) hiking in Moscow, Idaho

Bethany Quayle (centre) hiking in Moscow, Idaho

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Ella Olesen scholar Bethany Quayle has certainly made the most of her first term at the University of Idaho.

Bethany, of Colby, is one of two Manx students along with Cathy Breed, spending nine months at the American university.

She said students were ‘spoiled for choice’ when choosing what to study.

Last term she studied everything from special education: teaching exceptional children and sign language to beginners Spanish and physical geography. And after the Christmas break Bethany will be taking classes in deviance and crime, abnormal psychology, applied sport psychology and a fitness class.

‘The staff are lovely and I have found they are often more than happy to have an international student in their class,’ she said.

‘The work system is similar to school as you get homework often and exams are very frequent but if you keep on top of it there is plenty of time to enjoy what Idaho has to offer.’

She said there were ‘endless opportunities to try new things and meet new people’ at Idaho.

‘The international Program office advertise events that are happening both on campus and around Idaho, to help you make the most of the experience.

‘Through IPO we had the honour of carrying our Manx flag onto the field with the other international students as we welcomed the players before the start of the first American football game.’

And at Halloween, she enjoyed the chance to visit Scarywood, a theme park in Silverwood.

‘It was a great trip full of laughter and screaming as various people or things jumped out at you!’

Her first trip away from Idaho with friends was to Yellowstone National park on ‘Labor Day weekend’.

‘The park is mainly in Wyoming but stretches in to Montana and part of Idaho,’ she said.

‘We saw a lot of deer and bison and very briefly saw a black bear in the distance. We explored the park seeing the mud flows, mud pools and waterfall when we went on a short hike up the mountain.

‘It was a long drive there but once we saw what the park had to offer, it was breathtaking and totally worth it!’

And then during Thanksgiving break she travelled to Vancouver, in Canada, and Seattle, in Washington.

‘We watched our first ever NHL game in the Rogers arena, where they also hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010.

‘It was a great experience, something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before coming to America.’

And in Seattle, they were lucky enough to be invited to a friend’s house for dinner and got to experience a traditional Thanksgiving celebration.

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