Big rise in number of people infected with sexually-transmitted diseases

This week's Isle of Man Examiner

This week's Isle of Man Examiner

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There has been a big rise in the number of people in the island infected with sexually-transmitted diseases and that’s been made worse by direct flights.

Today’s Isle of Man Examiner reports on that and an attempt to cut down on infections during the Christmas party season.

The paper also includes:

- A report on a big government computer software problem

- A suggestion that drunks should be charged B&B fees for spending a night in the cells

- A warning that we could lose the air link to Scotland again if there aren’t enough passengers

- A Christmas message from the island’s Bishop

- A picture special of nativity plays

The paper also includes the first of a series of special features in which we look back at our Viking history . . . plus a guide to television over Christmas.

The Examiner is in the shops now.

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