Big shake-up of local authority rents

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A SHAKE-UP of local authority rents was announced today by the government.

It means that those living in newer, better properties will have a much bigger increase in rent than those in an older property.

The Department of Social Care gave a number of examples.

When the amendments to the rent pointing formula are applied, the rent for a new build three-bedroom property with a garden and off road parking will increase by around £16 a week and will cost in the region of £95 per week.

This is approximately 40 per cent of the cost of renting a similar property in the private sector where the cost is currently around £250 per week.

An older two-bed flat (not recently refurbished) with no private garden or off road parking will have a rent increase of inflation of 1.8 per cent only and will cost in the region of £63 per week.

More details will be reported in this week’s Manx Independent.

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