Birdwatchers asked to report sightings over Christmas

Razorbill spotted by John Donnelly at Point of Ayre last year

Razorbill spotted by John Donnelly at Point of Ayre last year

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Laxey-based charity Manx BirdLife is running its third annual ‘Christmas Bird Race’.

It is asking Manx birdwatchers to look out for birds in and around the island from Christmas Day until New Year’s Eve.

Mark Fitzpatrick is organising the Bird Race for Manx BirdLife.

He said: ‘Last year 110 species were reported on the Isle of Man during the Bird Race, while in the first year 103 were reported. It will be interesting to see the results this year.

‘Please do take part – whether you just watch birds in the garden or want to go further afield.’

Sightings must be in or above the Isle of Man, or in Manx territorial waters.

Observations must be made within the seven-day period from Christmas Day to the end of the year.

It isn’t a competition between individual birdwatchers, the aim is for Manx birdwatchers to work together to see the maximum number of species possible.

You can submit sightings either by email to, by using the reporting form, by Twitter (to ‘@ManxBirdLife’, hashtag #ManxBirdRace), Facebook or by text message to 07976 421992.

For all observations, send your name, the date and place of the observation, what you saw (name of species, how many) and any interesting aspects of what you saw.

This race is just for fun – no prizes.

Progress will be reported on the Manx BirdLife website,, on Twitter and on Facebook.

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