Bishop’s portrait to be shown at the cathedral

The portrait of Bishop Robert Paterson

The portrait of Bishop Robert Paterson

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The Bishop is the subject of the second in a series of Tynwald Day portraits by Svetlana Cameron.

The portrait follows that completed by Mrs Cameron in 2013, Laa Tinvaal, which depicted a scene with Manx dancers, the crowds and dignitaries with Tynwald Hill in the background.

This second work shows the Bishop in St John’s Church in his convocational robes holding the diocesan crozier.

Russian-born Mrs Cameron, who works out of her studio at her home in Braddan, said: ‘I had five sittings with the Bishop who, so I could study them closely, generously left with me his robes and the crozier, the intricate silverwork of which proved something of a new challenge for me in this painting where I wanted to capture the moment just before he delivers his blessing to the congregation.’

On viewing his completed portrait the Bishop, the Rt Rev Robert Paterson, said: ‘Svetlana’s Tynwald Day painting is brilliant and quite remarkable in its attention both to the spirit and the detail. The thought that succeeding generations may look at this painting fills me with a sense of respect that a photograph never could achieve.

‘I find that my eye is drawn to the right hand reaching out for the Bible; for me, that expresses the meaning of my ministry.’

The painting is to go on public display in St German’s Cathedral as part of the permanent collection, following its unveiling there on Sunday, January 19.

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